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MWDUG Headquarters

MWDUG c/o Technical Registration Experts, Inc. (TREX) 
1932 S. Halsted St., Suite 413
Chicago, IL  60608  
Phone: 630-578-3991
Fax: 630-262-1520 
E-mail:  mwdug@trexperts.com

New Contact: Jeffrey Miller or Sue Reed
Website: http://www.mwdug.org


MWDUG March 12 Agenda

MWDUG March 12 Agenda (71 S. Wacker Drive. 6th floor)

9:00A - 9:15A   Registration and IBM News
9:15A – 10:15A   Db2 for z/OS and data set encryption (Mark Rader, IBM)
10:15A – 10:30A   Break
10:30A – 11:30A   Db2 12:How do I keep up with this stuff ?? (Michael Cotignola, BMC)
11:30P - 12:15P   lunch
12:15P – 1:15P   How Can Db2 DBAs Get Agile ? (Frank Rhodes, BMC)
1:15P – 2:00P   Break
2:00P – 3:00P   Data Masking for Db2 on z/OS (Kai Stroh, UBS Hainer, Inc.)
3:00P – 4:00P          Know your limits! (Ulf Heinrich, SEGUS)